Table Dance Orchids

A Table Dance Orchid is quite simply a Little Lady™orchid grown on for longer. This extra growing on can be anywhere from 6 months to 18 months more than a Little Lady™orchids growing period.

There are similarities between Little Lady™orchids and Table Dance orchids, these are:

  • Variety selection
  • Flower size
  • Same shaped Ceramic Pot only the size is proportionally larger
  • Table Dance is also grown in high quality bark, perlite and sphagnum moss
  • Order quantity is also in multiples of six (6)

So then the differences between the Little Lady™orchids and Table Dance orchids are:

  • Size of the plant - instead of an average height of 15cm-20cm, you will see a Table Dance orchid at an average height of between 25cm-30cm
  • Table Dance orchid has a larger Ceramic Pot
  • The Table Dance orchid has a larger display of blooms and higher output of double spikes in comparison to Little Lady™orchids
  • Different varieties particularly suitable to be grown as Table Dance.

Once you see the photographs, it all becomes very self explanatory in that, the Little Lady™and Table Dance is very similar and the obvious visual difference is size.

They are just as unique as the Little Lady™and are an excellent gift idea for any occasion.

When ordering your orchids from Flora, especially when there is a special occasion that requires specific colours and volumes, an order placed in advance allows for better planning to ensure Flora can meet all expectations. Remember that all Table Dance orchids must be in multiples of six (6).