Phalaenopsis Orchids

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The generic name means "Phalaen[a]-like" and is probably a reference to the genus Phalaena, the name given by Carolus Linnaeus to a group of large moths; the flowers of a Phalaenopsis orchid supposedly resemble moths in flight. For this reason, this species of orchids are sometimes called Moth Orchids or Butterfly Orchids.

They are native throughout Southeast Asia from the Himalayan Mountains to the islands of Polillo, Palawan and Zamboanga Del Norte in the island of Mindanao in the Philippines and northern Australia.

These exotic orchids are ever increasing in popularity and present an exotic display of delicate blooms, often believed to be so perfect it is hard to believe they are real!.

A standard sized Phalaenopsis orchid will stand approximately 40cm-70cm tall, with usually one main flowering spike with a show of anywhere from 5 - 12 blooms and come in a massive selection of colours, the most popular being the exquisite white with yellow centre.

Our orchids will usually be planted in a 12cm pot with some extra large specials in 15cm pots. We use a bark media that assists the plant roots to anchor to the pot as well as serves as great drainage when watered.

When purchasing a quality Phalaenopsis Orchid you should look for the following;

  • Luscious green leaves, unblemished and strong in colour
  • A plant that is anchored securely within its growing pot and does not move around
  • A strong spike with buds and blooms along the end
  • Open flowers in position (not drooping/wrinkled etc) and healthy buds (not discoloured or dried) that will open for a full flower show along the healthy spike

Phalaenopsis Orchids will naturally produce a flower spike when they are exposed to slightly more light and cold. In order to produce flowering orchids all year around, careful climate manipulation is required. This comes with its challenges considering the climatic extremes experienced in Australia, regardless, it is always good to know that Spring/Summer you will see an increase in supply and there will always be shortages experienced in the Autumn/Winter period.

When ordering your orchids from Flora, especially when there is a special occasion that requires specific colours and volumes, an order placed in advance allows for better planning to ensure Flora can meet all expectations.