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Little Lady™ Orchids have been developed over the past 10 years through an intensive breeding program. The breeder is based in Taiwan and what started as a hobby at home has now developed into a multi-national business that has gained international acclaim and awards for the diversity of their varieties. Little Lady™ Orchids are now all the talk of Europe and Asia and now Australia.

These beautiful orchids are a true miniature of the typical Phalaenopsis orchid plant. Phalaenopsis Orchids are typically 60cm tall from the top of the flower spike to the bottom of the pot. A Little Lady™ Orchid will be on average 15cm - 20cm tall from the top of the flower spike to the bottom of the pot.  This means they are a third of the size of the typical Phalaenopsis orchid.

Imagine a Phalaenopsis orchid that fits in the palm of your hand and is no more that 20cm tall, this is a Little Lady™orchid. These beautiful orchids will present you with 8-15 stunning blooms, which are approximately 2.5cm wide. A full compliment of colours and varieties will be available.

This exotic miniature orchid does not disappoint in its longevity. The flowering display of blooms will impress for 6-12 weeks with reasonable care. These orchids are grown in the highest grade sphagnum moss, this media assists the orchid in extracting the fertilizer and moisture required for consistent quality growth.

Ideally Little Lady™ orchids should be kept at temperatures between 20 degrees and no more that 34 degrees. The orchids are grown at 28 degrees and set to flower at 20 degrees. Treat the Little Lady orchids as an indoor tropical plant and ensure there is no direct sunlight or cold draughts.

As a value-add for our customers, the Little Lady™ orchid has its own unique Ceramic Pot (only available in Ivory as photographed) and Diamond Box (optional as photographed). This Diamond Box adds to the overall image of the Little Lady™ orchid it displays and protects the plant until finally displayed by the customer. A wonderful idea for a Wedding Bonbonniere!!!

When ordering your orchids from Flora, especially when there is a special occasion that requires specific colours and volumes, an order placed in advance allows for better planning to ensure Flora can meet all expectations. Remember that all Little Lady™ orchids must be in multiples of six (6).