Care Instructions - Lilies

With any fresh product, the way you care for them when you bring them home can make the difference in the length of vase life you experience. By following these simple instructions, you can enjoy our beautiful Lilies for much longer than you expect.

  • Unwrap the cello from your bunch of Lilies
  • With professional Rose strippers or a pair of sharp secateurs, strip/cut of leaf stems to the height of the water level in your vase. (When placing a bunch of Lilies in a vase filled with water, always ensure there is no leaf under water - as this can encourage disease and contaminate your vase water)
  • Choose a vase that will display your Lilies and ensure it is well cleaned.
  • Fill the vase with cold room temperature water - approximately two thirds full.
  • Where possible always include a cut flower food solution to your water and stir through well
  • Now you are ready to place your Lilies into the vase, just before you do this, cut on a 45 degree angle, with sharp secateurs, approximately 2cm off the bottom of each stem and then place them into your vase.

Steps 1 - 6 are a great guide to ensure that your bunch of Lilies/Lilies are correctly prepared for display in your vase, the key to a longer vase life also depends on where you place your vase of flowers. Below are some hints that help increase your vase life;

  • Never place your vase of flowers directly in front of a heater or air conditioner
  • Never place your vase in direct sunlight
  • Ensure all Lily stamens are removed, if not they may drop and stain carpet, clothes or table cloths
  • Change your vase water every 2 -3 days and re-cut your stems before placing them back in the vase
  • Re-cutting is very important to ensure the stem takes up water, therefore ensuring the stem is constantly hydrated to maximise blooming and development of your flower bud.